Honda Accord Trim Levels

What are the trim levels and configurations available on the Honda Accord?

Choosing to purchase the Honda Accord makes you smart, informed, and clearly at the top of your game. In fact, the decision to buy a Honda is not all that difficult. It is what many would say is a “no brainer” considering that Honda is consistently ranked in the Top 20 brands worldwide. The Honda Accord has outstanding safety features & technology with 7 trim levels to choose from.  Although the Honda is sometimes compared to the Toyota Camry, (link here to the new Comparison page) the technology on an Accord beats the Camry hands down!

Honda Accord Trim Levels:

There are 7 trim levels and 9 Configurations available for the Honda Accord each with varying interior & exterior features as well as technology, leather vs. cloth seating, type of engines and more.  The 7 trim options include the Accord  LX, Accord Hybrid,Accord Sport, AccordSport Special Edition, Accord Hybrid EX, Accord EX-L, and Touring. They vary in prices with the LX starting at $24,970 to the Touring starting at $36,900.

What is the difference between the Honda Accord LX and EX?

There are several subtle and not so subtle differences between these two amazing Accords. However think of the LX as the Honda Accord base model and the EX is all that plus EXtra.

The first distinction is how each model turns on. The Honda Accord LX uses standard key ignition while the EX enables drivers to turn on their car with a push of a button. Although all Accord Models come with the incredible Honda Sensing Safety Technology,  the EX offers the add’l Blind Spot Monitoring system. 

What are the differences between Accord EX-L and EX?

Here the primary distinctions are in seating and sound. The Accord EX-L is handsomely appointed with Leather-Trimmed Seats, and a 10-Speaker Stereo System with Subwoofers while the EX has a completely respectable 8 Speaker Stereo System as well, the EX-L is a notch above.    The EX-L also comes standard with the Home Link remote system as well as a few additional interior luxe features such as a leather wrapped steering wheel.

Accord Powertrain Options:

Want to dig deeper? The Honda Accord has three available powertrain options – two of which are turbocharged as well as a hybrid, and loads of advanced features. Find out more about all the amazing Accord Trim Levels available at the official Honda Website.

Honda Accord Hybrid Sedan Models:

The Honda Accord has 2 great Hybrid options that come with all of the great technology that Honda is know for! The Honda Sensing Safety Technology, a futuristic interior dashboard both the Hybrid and the Hybrid EX boast an incredible 48 mpg average highway and city driving!    The primary difference between the 2 Accord Hybrid models is the add’l luxury touches on the interior of the EX like leather seats, an upgraded stereo system and more.

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